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x calling nonsense don't bring you closer to god x

(FREE) oregon forest scroller by DidTheSqd

castiel + he/him + about me

xxx you put on a faith facade

i know that when you sit and pray, you're only praying for keeps.

normal sized cas by LemonadeSalads

♥waiting on / to do♥

take your time ♥
1 custom / mafune / feb. 10
this stuff / seadoggies / april. 5

to do ♥
i mean i don't owe anyone anything but i have so much i SHOULD do lmao......

♥ take my hand, take my whole life, too ♥

wise men say,
"only fools rush in".
but i can't help
falling in love
you ♥


think you're holy, when you're not xxx

you count your ribs one morning—trace
the crescive struts of them with your
ever-lengthening nails. there is blood
in your teeth you did not put there; war rides
a burned-out red mustang, and his mouth
tastes like the wrong end of a bullet. the pale rider
sits on the end of your bed at night, carving
and sealing shem into your skull, whispering,
the harvest is past.

under the bloated sun, you tear down the last gods.
it is not enough, this slow monstering—
you have remembered the apple
still lodged in your throat and
you are not saved.

the angels come too late,
feathers crawling with mites and eyes flat
as snakes’. the smell of ozone lingers
in their skin, and glory glory glory sounds
like a punchline.

they promise altars and arks;
the hollow earth, the ascending light.
you will be gold, and gold again.

you are not surprised when their throats
are torn open, revealed to be hollow.

it is cold here at the end of all ages.



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squishysweets Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017   Digital Artist

o shit i forgot to put anon on

happy birthday
squishysweets Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017   Digital Artist
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! happy birthday!!!!
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